Health Class 4th and 5th grade

Dear Parents this is just a reminder of what students need to bring to health class every Thursday:

  1. pen or pencil
  2. crayons, colored pencils, or markers
  3. planner

All of these items may be accompanied by a pencil case…the students were given their first homework assignment which is either:

  • pick one emotion and write a short story about it and create a picture to describe that emotion in the story
  • give six descriptions of feeling that fit into four categories: upset, happy, surprised, and calm

Both assignments are due Thursday September 24th along with permission letters that were passed out earlier this week.

Thanks so much for your support!

Health Parent Letter

Physical Education Requirements

Parents in order for your children to participate in gym these are the requirements:

  1. Must have class syllabus signed by parent with contact information
  2. Must have all white gym shoes
  3. Girls must wear shorts under uniform on gym day

Please check with  your child’s teacher for the day that your child comes to Physical Education…students that do not have all of the above requirements will not be allowed to participate in gym.  Thanks for your support

PE Syllabus

Michigan Model for Health Curriculum for 4th and 5th graders

Dear 4th and 5th grade parents:

Starting next week your child will be having a Health Education class at Cornerstone.  It will be scheduled as their second class with me, Mrs. Guvetis.  Please look for more information about the Health class in the upcoming weeks.  The curriculum that will be used is the Michigan Model for Health, which you can find using the link below: